Honey & Goats Milk Soap

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$ 10.00

Honey & Goats Milk Soap


Our Honey & Goats milk soap is a lovely combination of sweetness and moisture. Honey actually will help attract and hold moisture within your skin. This soap will help people with not only dry skin but also oily skin. Honey will help your skin retain it’s natural elasticity while helping to reduce wrinkles. The goats milk is known for being especially mild and wonderful dry and sensitive skin, by helping to balance your skin’s natural PH. Goats milk contains vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E, and zinc.

This Honey & Goats Milk bar makes the perfect bar for babies, young children, and adults. We recommend using this soap for young children as well as on your face, of course you can use it every where else too!




Organic Goats Milk

Organic Honey